January 02-05, 2006

First Announcement


Organised by

Forum d’ Analystes, Chennai, India


Bharathidasan Govt. College for Women

Pondicherry, India








Co-Sponsored by

M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women,

Chennai, India

Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering

And Technology, Pondicherry








       Geometric Function Theory has had and continues to have a profound impact throughout mathematics including Complex Analysis, Harmonic and Functional Analysis, Partial differential equations, Dynamics, Geometry and Topology. After the positive settlement of Bieberbach’s conjucture by Louis de Branges, the role played by Special Functions in these fields is important. The general theme of the conference concerns various aspects of Geometric Function Theory, in particular the interplay between Geometric Function Theory and Special Functions. The main aspect of this conference is to promote the creation and maintenance of contacts with scientists from diverse cultures. The primary goal will be to provide an opportunity for young Indian Function Theorists to meet experts in this field from various other countries, have exchange of information and to encourage future collaboration.


VENUE     Conference Hall,

              Hotel Surguru,

              104, Sardar Vallabai Patel Road,

              Pondicherry – 605 001, India.

              Ph: 91+0413-2339022 / 2227290




v                  Shri N. Rangasamy

Chief Minister, Govt. of Pondicherry.


v                  Shri B.V. Selvaraj, I.A.S.,

Secretary, Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pondicherry.


The International Scientific Committee


       R. Balasubramanian          R.W. Barnard

       R. Parvatham                  S. Ponnusamy

       M.S. Rangachari               St. Ruscheweyh

       C.S. Seshadri                  T. Sugawa

                           M. Vuorinen


Advisory Board


       R. Balasubramanian          S. Kumuda

       Nirmala Prasad                R. Parvatham

       M.S. Rangachari               C.S. Seshadri

       S. Chandra (Convener) S. Ponnusamy (Academic Secretary)






       The list of distinguished invited speakers who have kindly accepted our invitation includes O.P. Ahuja, (U.S.A), R.M. Ali, (Malaysia), R. Balasubramanian, (Chennai), R.W. Barnard, (U.S.A.), P. Hasto (Finland), Indranil Biswas (India), O.P. Juneja (India), G.P. Kapoor (India), R. Kustner (France), A. Lecko (Poland), W. Luh (Germany), O. Martio (Finland), S.S. Miller (U.S.A.), C.D. Minda (U.S.A.), J. Mueller (Germany), Pablo Gastesi (India), St. Ruscheweyh (Germany), V. Singh (India), A. Solynin (U.S.A.), T. Sugawa (Japan), D. Sundararaman (U.S.A.), Gajendra Tappa (Nepal), M. Vuorinen (Finland).



                                        Before                      After

                               September 30, 2005      September 30, 2005


Foreign delegates                 US $ 100                     US $ 120

Accompanying person           US $   60                     US $   75 

Indian delegates                  Rs.    750                     Rs.    900

Accompanying person           Rs.    500                     Rs.    600

Student/Research Scholar

                     Foreign          US $   50                    US $    60

                     Indian          Rs.    400                     Rs.     500      


         The registration fee may be paid by a demand draft drawn in favour of “The Convener, ICGT” payable at Pondicherry. The registration fee will cover only boarding, lodging (in Govt. Guest House) and conference materials. If accommodation is needed in a hotel, it can be arranged on payment. The approximate hotel tariff per day is

                           Single occupancy      Double occupancy


Hotel Surguru           Non A/c Rs.500               Rs.  750

                           A/c        Rs.800                Rs.1200


Guest House            Non A/c Rs.100               Rs.  150

1 US $ = Rs.44 nearly.


       Delegates are requested to inform about their requirements of accommodation to the convener in advance.        








SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS Two copies of the abstracts of the paper to be presented at the conference should reach Dr. S. Ponnusamy, The Academic Secretary, ICGT, Department of Mathematics, I.I.T., Madras, (email: and one copy of the abstract of the paper should be sent to Dr. S. Chandra, The Convener (email: before November 15, 2005.


VISA The foreign delegates are requested to approach and obtain Visa from their Indian Mission in their country.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT It has been planned to provide partial financial support to a few selected participants on knowing the decisions from the various funding agencies approached.


PLACE AND CLIMATE Peaceful Pondicherry depicts the mélange of French and Indian cultures. It is a beautiful little town on the Eastern Coast of India, about 150 km from Chennai. During the month of January, normally Pondicherry will have a pleasant climate with a maximum temperature around 28’c.


For further details, contact.


Dr. S. Chandra


Bharathidasan Govt. College for Women,

Pondicherry – 605 003, India.

Email :

Phone : (off) (0413) 2338504 (Res) (0413) 2339204


Prior to the conference there will be an International Workshop on Quasi conformal mappings and its applications at I.I.T. (Madras). For further details about the workshop, you are requested to contact Dr. S. Ponnusamy, Department of Mathematics, I.I.T. Madras, Chennai – 600 036, India (email:
















January 02-05, 2006




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